My pride and joy, a WE 4.3 hicapa. I run it as my primary since I don’t like my rifle all too much. It’s apparently one of the newer ones since it came with a WE USA branded 6.03. Which is bright blue. Kind of neat. I really enjoy it. Only after market thing on it is the grip which is a tan version of the KJW xcellerator grip (which are so fucking comfy, i totally recommend one) . I plan to put a Springfield armories marked guarder slide, and an M6 light/laser on it. Inside i want to replace the barrel with a tk twist and the bucking with a nineball purple.

I don’t even care about kills, it’s so fun to use and easy on my arms c: its kind of amusing how no one at black tiger that I’ve noticed uses hicapas besides wulfram and I. It’s strange.

8 months ago

Terrorshield after his trip to Taiwan. That taiwanese ERDL is really hot and so is his G36. Pretty much who I want to model my own G36 after. Right after I finish pimping my hicapa to hell and back. But I feel like it’s every airsofter’s dream to be able to go to Taiwan and just buy fucking everything for like less than half the price it is here in ‘Murica. That’s two of IFAP who’ve made the pilgrimage now, probably like a 100 left to go :V

9 months ago

Desert Rat’s Cyma M14. He got it all beat up and covered in camo tape residue (fuck you if you do that) and he repainted it to be OD and beautiful. He also bolted a rail to the bottom for the foregrip. It’s the beginning of his dream rifle and it’s gon’ be hot doe.

My first airsoft gun was a Cyma M14 socom and I don’t give a shit if it’s ‘chinashit’ or whatever because that was a fucking awesome gun and worked wonderfully out of the box even with it’s shitty battery. 10/10 would recommend for beginners or for those who want an M14 on the cheaps.

9 months ago

Waxx: My East German MPi-AK-74n, along with hand-painted fakelite mags.

Got this from Waxx. I have a bonre right now. it’s so perfect. I don’t know if it’s airsoft or not though so I won’t label it as such. but goddamn that is hot.

9 months ago

This is akm and it lives in swedeland with greneyges. The heatshield is homemade and so is the weathering. I love beat up looking AKs so much. c:

9 months ago


I should have given a bit of warning before I disappeared for a month because of my high school graduation and my trip to Germany but uh, hi. I’m back. You’ll be seeing regular updates for the most part now. Sorry for the wait.

9 months ago

Ender’s Frankenstein G36. Much better looking than my frankengun. He didn’t really post many details about it besides that he’s going to be using a black K length upper soon. The one thing I want to point out is how he designed and printed his own ranger plate made specifically for that G36 hicap. I can’t help but want a couple of those for my mids so they don’t get stuck in my fucking pouches.

Someone needs to make G36 magazines without the fucking lugs on the side and not have them be 29 dollars a piece. cough cough magpul pts

9 months ago


sometimes i wish i had like a foregrip modeled after my penis because let’s just face the facts, my penis is the most comfortable thing i’ve ever held for  extended periods of time.

11 months ago

Silverback Bizon PP-19

Belongs to fishmuffin. The magazines remind me of something you’d buy at bad dragon. How do you store more than one in your butt? D:

I love tiny guns though. They aren’t as tall as I am and they’re comfy to use C:

11 months ago
mdwaxx whispered:
Any FP'ers in the Northeast Ohio region?

I think Cardfan is in Ohio. Idk though.

11 months ago
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